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MSG and Fibromyalgia

Jerry Smith, a clinical pharmacist from the University of Florida found our web site and contacted us for more information. He has written a case report on four fibromyalgia patients whose symptoms markedly improved after decreasing the MSG in their diets. With the help of their physicians, he will submit the report to the JAMA for publication. We can only hope that more doctors will become alerted to the real dangers of MSG, aspartame, and other excitotoxins as a result. More scientific studies and cold hard facts will eventually make a difference in this uphill battle.


Since our first contact with Jerry Smith, great things have happened. Doctors affiliated with the University of Florida, aware of Jerry Smith's work, have tried MSG and aspartame elimination diets on their fibromyalgia patients with dramatic results. In a show that aired in Pensicola, Florida, doctors in the study of their patients were interviewed. The show was picked up and aired in other cities. Consequently, people with fibromyalgia and their friends and family began to ask for more information. Many, doing an internet search on MSG discovered our site. In poured the e-mail, phone calls, and book orders. We are thrilled that many in the fibromyalgia community are now making the MSG/aspartame connection and are finally finding some relief. You can read an abstract of the study, "Relief of Fibromyalgia Symptoms Following Discontinuation of Dietary Excitotoxins," in The Annals of Pharmacotherapy (June 2001, Vol. 35, pp.702-706), online at Click here for direct access to the abstract.

We have received much e-mail and several calls from individuals whose FMS is completely controlled by the elimination of excitotoxins from their diet. In fact, most of them believe that MSG and other excitotoxins triggered their FMS in the first place.

We received this in April 2011:

Hi Mike,

This web site is wonderful, and it has been very helpful to me.  I have MSG-induced fibromyalgia.  Your wife is a lifesaver, and I mean that literally as my life has improved dramatically thanks to her work.  I thank God for her and all her efforts to educate people and spread the news.  I would have given up so many times but for people on the board and the information here.

Catherine B.

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