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About the Author

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Debby Anglesey has researched and written a book that addresses the connection of glutamate (MSG) to the dramatic rise in health problems such as ADD, headaches, depression, obesity, stomach problems, and neurological disorders. Describing her own past health condition as being "one foot in the grave", she shares her remarkable journey from despair to reclaimed health. When her 19 year old son's health suddenly spiraled downward, Debby went into first gear and discovered the hidden culprit lurking in the majority of the items we eat today from snack foods to vitamins.

Today, she devotes much of her time answering e-mail, letters, and phone calls regarding MSG, and has helped thousands of fellow victims of this growing health crisis.


Debby Anglesey and her husband, Mike, live in Washington state and have two daughters, two sons, and sixteen grandchildren. She wrote her book to help her family and friends, never dreaming how many people it would eventually reach. They ship books all over the globe. The 20th century gave us much in terms of new technologies. However, we are now reaping the results of the massive amounts of chemicals that infest our water, air, soil, and food. Our bodies are not equipped to handle such an assault. MSG is one of the most dangerous factory created substances added to and sometimes hidden in much of our processed foods. Yet, unlike smokers who choose whether to light that first cigarette, most of us don't have a choice regarding hidden sources of MSG in our foods.


In 1999, after an article about Debby and the work she does as a consumer advocate appeared in the local newspaper (Tri-City Herald), Debby and Mike were invited to be interviewed for the local evening news program. The three minute segment spurred invitations to speak to local groups and a book signing and discussion at Barnes & Noble. When the newspaper article and photo were picked up by the Associated Press, calls and e-mail from people around the country trying to order the book began to pour in. When a letter that she wrote to Family Circle Magazine regarding MSG and migraine was published in the June 22nd, 1999 issue, the NoMSG hotline, whose number was included, received over 600 calls in two weeks. Many individuals were calling to send Debby thanks for helping them find the trigger that their doctors never mentioned before.


Debby and husband , Mike, continue to educate others about MSG. She has been interviewed on several radio shows and answers MSG questions each day via phone, e-mail, and her popular discussion board.  As more headlines feature studies that demonstrate a connection between glutamate, ADD, depression, Fibromyalgia, autism, headaches, and much more, we can see the ever increasing PR campaign by the glutamate and food industry to lure the public into believing the myth that MSG (umami) is a safe and important flavor enhancer. Dr. Mercola added a link to this site in his e-newsletter, the resulting interest was phenomenal and allowed many searching for answers to their puzzling health problems find helpful information.  Debby and Mike could fill several books with MSG horror stories people have sent to them over the years. Hearing from these people who have regained their health as a result of their work gives them the impetus to continue reaching others who need this vital information.


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