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  • meliora.cogito2010
    Oct 5

    When I turned forty years old, I began noticing an increasing frequency of migraine headaches. Because these were very painful and debilitating, I began an effort to investigate my lifestyle and see if I could identify possible causes for this change in my health. Over some period of time, I began to make the connection, a correlation to foods that I was eating. And the natural question was why these foods would cause me to have such painful migraine headaches. The symptoms included a pounding headache, high sensitivity to bright light, high sensitivity to noise/sounds, and a general feeling of nausea and weakness. I would notice these within 30 minutes of eating things laced with MSG. And the migraine would last 24 to 36 hours before subsiding. And then I would need a day to recover from the ordeal! But according to the Glutamate Industry, it is all in my mind! Of course it is. The excitotoxin, MSG, was doing it's damage to my neuro-receptors and causing my migraine headaches. But the real crime of this story is that there are many food allergies that are well known and documented and affected much smaller percentages of the population as a whole. Be they peanut, milk, fish, shell fish, etc., the FDA, the AMA, the public at large knows about them. And in the case of anaphylaxis, pens have even been invented to provide relief from possible death causing reactions to some allergies. And yet, for MSG, an allergen that has been estimated to affect upwards of 40% of the population, the Gluatmate Industry has put on a "full-court" press to convince, or rather, promote the view that MSG is safe in our food supply. The symptoms can vary quite a bit from person to person and as in my case, can start at different times in life. Maybe MSG reactions are not as severe as anaphylaxis but the sheer number of people that are affected is astounding. And most of them don't know it. They just suffer quietly figuring they have flu-like symptoms or something else. Our bodies change over time. To make this point, I share that when in high school, I worked at a Kentucky Fried Chicken, KFC, for two years before moving on to College. I ate plenty of the Colonel's MSG laced chicken (although I didn't know it at the time) but suffered no ill effects. Only later in life did I develop my allergy.
  • buffylowe
    Apr 29
  • jean_foster
    Jan 25

    I was wondering if anyone has experience with any of their regular or decaf instant coffees? It is not organic, and I am going to eventually switch to the Mount Hagen instant because it's organic. But I still have quite a bit of the VIA. I am not sure what is causing my issues, but I suspect the Starbucks VIA might be a problem product. Brewed coffee would probably be a better option, but I am a single person who just wants a cup here and there.


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