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Gluten Intolerance

The major amino acid found in gluten is glutamic acid, also called glutamate.  It is in a bound, natural form and when it is found in wheat and other high gluten grains, it requites a natural period of digestion by the stomach when ingested.  However, processed breads and baked goods are no longer simply made from natural whole foods.  Many flours are bleached and bromated.  Baked goods contain natural wheat gluten and other sources of added glutamate. Now we have learned about the spraying of wheat fields soon before harvest with Roundup herbicide.  This dangerous chemical, containing glyphosate causes the plant to produce more grains as it reacts to this new threat or strain on its viability.  It also weakens the plant, making it easier to cut with harvesting machinery.  Traces of glyphosate are even being found in organic grains, most likely due to cross contamination while crops are being sprayed nearby, or carried by wind. 

It is my belief that the huge increase in people becoming gluten intolerant is due to the increased use of chemicals used on crops and the abundant amount of glutamate rich substances being added to baked goods and processed foods.  Some of these glutamate rich additives used in baked goods are soy flour, whey, dry milk, maltodextrin, malted barley flour, dextrose, yeast extract, dough conditioners, etc.

See Roundup article.

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