Jan 25

Starbucks VIA instant coffee regular & decaf


I was wondering if anyone has experience with any of their regular or decaf instant coffees? It is not organic, and I am going to eventually switch to the Mount Hagen instant because it's organic. But I still have quite a bit of the VIA. I am not sure what is causing my issues, but I suspect the Starbucks VIA might be a problem product. Brewed coffee would probably be a better option, but I am a single person who just wants a cup here and there.

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    I live in CA and I have been buying Clover Sonoma organic whole milk and diluting it, but wonder if it's the best option. They add Vit D3 from lanolin. I have tried making my own nut milks, but was not willing to use the nut bag and I could never get them to turn out to my satisfaction. The New Barn makes an unsweetened almond milk that is good with acacia gum being the only ingredient other than almonds and water. They deny that they ultra pasteurize it, but the expiration dates are pretty far out so I'm skeptical (maybe it's flash pasteurized?). I would love to hear of different people's experiences with milk and what they have ultimately ended up buying, Also, would love to know how bad ultrapasteurization and flash pasteurization are. Any help in this area would be appreciated. I drink a lot of milk.


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