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Kefir Making

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Unregistered guest
Posted on Thursday, September 07, 2006 - 5:06 am:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

I am really surprised that fewer people on this board have not gotten on the kefir band wagon, a probiotic cultured milk product that has been used for centuries in the Caucasus mountains where people live well over 100 years. I talked about it briefly in an earlier post and didn't get any response. The changes I have experienced since drinking it have been nothing short of amazing. I still do not ingest MSG- who in his right mind would want to- but if it were just about avoiding MSG we would all be well and there would be no need for this wonderful discussion board that is educating so many. I first began drinking the Lifeway commercial brand of kefir which is quite expensive (they have a website) and learned by extensive reading that by obtaining the grains you can make your own. The lady who sent me her grains told me that she often experienced just the symptoms we all do and was even hospitalized and when released told to take probiotics and via that she learned kefir making. It is so simple and fun and the results are so unexpected in so many different areas. There are lots of sites about kefir and kefir making. Just Google around some and you will learn of something that is wonderful indeed.
Carol H
Unregistered guest
Posted on Thursday, September 07, 2006 - 12:31 pm:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

I have tried kefir, and really do like it. It seems that probiotics do help a lot of us on this board with digestive troubles linked to MSG. I like to use yogurt in cooking as well. This weekend tried a recipe from a book called Edible Pockets for Every Meal by Donna Rathmell German. I made a ground lamb pocket (homemade dough, lamb, onion, garlic, fresh mint, fresh cilantro) from scratch and when the taste was a little lacking I created a plain yogurt-based dipping sauce with garam masala spice and cayenne with fresh cilantro and mint. Needless to say, my friends ate all the pockets before Eric even got home..... I have to make more :-) The key was really the yogurt sauce. However, the book has a lot of good recipes in it for making pockets out of many varieties of bread and pastry dough, and the fillings are quite varied as well. These would be good recipes to get kids to eat MSG-free at lunch time. You can make little pockets that fit little hands and the dipping sauces can be fun. A good way to get them to eat yogurt too.
Deb A.
Unregistered guest
Posted on Sunday, September 10, 2006 - 8:54 am:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

That sounds delicious, Carol. What brand of yogurt do you use?
Unregistered guest
Posted on Monday, September 11, 2006 - 2:30 am:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

I have experienced such a healing in the month that I have been drinking the kefir. Here is but one example-I have always had ragged and bleeding cuticles that no amount of cream or oil could remedy. They are now completely healed. I am thinking if this is taking place on the outside of my body what might be taking place internally. I have had a lessening and cessation in some cases of many of my MSG related symptoms. I just wanted to share it with everyone on the board.
Unregistered guest
Posted on Monday, September 11, 2006 - 5:45 am:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Did you end up making your own? If you are using a commercial brand, which one is it? What's in it? Every time I go into a health food store, I check out the kefir but I steer away from it because the brands they carry have alot of additives. Thanks!
Unregistered guest
Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2006 - 3:13 am:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

I first began drinking Lifeway plain kefir which I tolerated well as it lists inulin (made from chickory) as being the only other ingredient. I understand they are the only brand avaliable in the US. Later I began making my own.
Carol H
Unregistered guest
Posted on Sunday, September 17, 2006 - 3:29 pm:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Sorry for the delay in my response, Deb. I use Hawthorne Valley Farm Plain whole milk yogurt. They are from Ghent, NY phone 518-672-7500. Just pasteurized whole milk and cultures. I started making my own jams and preserves and I added some to the plain yogurt and it's great - much better than flavored yogurts on the market. I saw some beautiful apricots grown locally and I made the preserves in my bread maker with the jam setting. I highly recommend this way to make safe jams. I use Pomona's Universal Pectin. I order it online. You only use fresh fruit, pectin, lemon juice and cane sugar or other safe sweetener. I have been getting rave reviews on my jams.

Again sorry for the delay, not only am I trying to re-adjust to my NEW food allergies - rice, and egg yolk, as well as barley, rye, grapefuit, beef, chocolate, grapes and garlic, I am running for town council, running my own business, and trying to finish my book. Not only that, I have a family member fighting breast cancer, and my brother is getting married in October - in Louisiana. It's quite a challenge! So it may be November after the election - by the time I can do a lot. My clients and my boyfriend are seriously hoping I lose the election :-) They want me around more.....

I was just thinking, I have had all eight major food allergies: wheat, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, soy, milk, shellfish. My allergy nurse tells me I am the worst walking case of food allergy (in terms of the number of allergies) they have seen at the Hackensack University Medical Center.
Fortunately, I got rid of almost all of those. Out of the major 8, I am only allergic to egg yolk now. But it's such a pain. I've lost 5 lbs already :-) probably just from avoiding mayo and cheesecake :-(

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