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Doritos and MSG mentioned together

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Carol H
Posted on Tuesday, June 21, 2005 - 12:15 pm:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

I was just listening to Air America Radio today - Randi Rhodes. She was mentioning that Saddam Hussein likes Doritos. Randi joked that the U.S. probably gave them to him because they contain MSG and will kill brain cells. :-)
Thank you Randi!
Pam E.
Posted on Tuesday, June 21, 2005 - 3:38 pm:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Maybe that is the cause of his rage...
Pam E.
Deb A.
Posted on Tuesday, June 21, 2005 - 4:36 pm:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Carol, Doritos are so bad. My son, who is MSG sensitive, has had a struggle because the spicey ones are his favorite snack that he had to give up. But they are so addicting, that a couple times a year, he will still break down and buy a bag. We all get mad at him, because he knows better. I'm trying to come up with a seasoning mix that I can sprinkle on Santitos chips for luck according to him...but I am trying!
Roy Piwovar
Posted on Tuesday, June 21, 2005 - 8:23 pm:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

I heard it too, Carol. My friend's kid sister produces the show. Randi tells it like it is!

p.s. - the links below won't work by clicking, but will if you copy and paste them into your browser window.'sDiary1.wma'sDiary2.wma'sDiary3.wma
Carol H
Posted on Wednesday, June 22, 2005 - 4:41 pm:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Tell your friend's kid sister, she is a goddess. I love that show. I actually met Randi last year in NYC. She is really sweet in person. I met her and Lynn Samuels at the same time. I gave Randi a card with the MSGTruth website on it. I had the chance to tell her the story of how I got elected to the county committee last year by just one vote.
Roy Piwovar
Posted on Wednesday, June 22, 2005 - 6:25 pm:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)


Everyone is really proud of Jenny and crazy about Randi. Glad you got to meet her. She seems to have visited your web site. Maybe she'll read your book as well.
Connie M.
Posted on Saturday, June 25, 2005 - 2:21 pm:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

My husband eats a lot of Doritos!!!!!I mean I have to buy him a couple bags a week, if I don't he fusses!!!! Or buys them himself or has our teenage daughter and her b/f get them!!! That and a beer or two on the weekend!!!! But other then that no more alcohol, so it is not a problem.

He eats too much junk!!!! He does not smoke or drink pop though. I do try to fix him more healthy stuff now. But he will not eat anything green. Will only eat corn and popatoes!!!! NO bones or onions in his meat!!! So many things he will not eat you would not believe it!!!!

But he is healthy, I mean he works. Has good bloodwork, good blood pressure, never had any major surgerys, etc..

But year b/f last he had some chest pain, stayed in the hospital, they never found anything wrong with his heart, did follow up tests. I mean a whole lot of tests!!! All were excellent!!! Asked him if he was a runner, he is not. He did some physical work on his job then as well as now.

I should of put this somewhere else? He has no sense of smell, except for very strong smoke or gas. So he oversalts his food. Mostly eats meat and potatoes, but his weight is good.

How do I get him to eat better? And my family. My teenage daughter loves fruits, etc.. But eats too much junk. Maybe later I will copy and paste somewhere else?

They have not been as sick as me. But hubby still gets chest pains for no reason off and on. And my daughter has to go for a sleep study next week!!!


P.S. Sorry I get off the subject so much, I think it is my ADD really. What I meant to say is my hubby has a temper that can get bad sometimes, Do you think the MSG can do this? If you read this far, Thanks!!!!!
Pam E.
Posted on Monday, June 27, 2005 - 9:19 am:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Yes, rage disorder is connected to MSG. There is a site called where you can read how MSG affects many diseases or disorders (ADD is included). It is under the heading "Disease States Affected by MSG". Also, you can click on "Last Week" under Discussion on the left bar on this site and it will list the posts from last week. You can see where you have posted and check responses. Take Care:-)!!
Pam E.
Posted on Monday, March 06, 2006 - 10:43 am:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

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