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Force Vaccination Mass. and fines, etc.

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Lisa Marie
Unregistered guest
Posted on Sunday, August 30, 2009 - 5:36 am:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Unreal what the government intends to do:
Jerry Story
Unregistered guest
Posted on Sunday, August 30, 2009 - 10:54 pm:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

In the following movie, the grasshoppers are the slave masters and the ants are the slaves. But the ants outnumber the grasshoppers a hundred to one, and if the ants figure that out there goes the grasshoppers' way of life. That is a clue to how we can beat the New World Order.
Unregistered guest
Posted on Monday, August 31, 2009 - 8:28 pm:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

What would you recommend as a better option during a disaster response for a deadly pandemic? I personally am grateful to see the option to be isolated or quarantined if you are unable for unwilling to get the vaccination instead of actually forcing everyone to get the vaccination.

For families with allergies that conflict with the vaccine or for those who don't want the vaccine, they would be allowed to be isolated. This seems like an appropriate compromise when dealing with a deadly virus, right?

I work with our community on our cities disaster response and it worries me the lack of policies and planning in place for a major event like a pandemic. I'm not sure what the right answer is but I think having a plan is a good start. Not trying to butt heads here just curious on everyone's opinion.
Jerry Story
Unregistered guest
Posted on Tuesday, September 01, 2009 - 3:28 am:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

The swine flu virus is artificial. It was made in a lab. It is also mild, even more mild than the ordinary flu. When it mutates, it mutates into something even milder. Don't worry about the swine flu virus.

The vaccine for the swine flu is for the purpose of killing millions of people. Don't take it. Your government is not your friend.

There will be no pandemic except that caused by the vaccine plus media spin.

For tons of information, check out some of Alex Jones's guests on the subject of the vaccine.
Roy Piwovar
Unregistered guest
Posted on Tuesday, September 01, 2009 - 3:31 am:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

After a harrowing experience with the flu one year, complete with high fevers and hallucinations, I will never miss a flu shot again. To me the risks are far outweighed by the benefits even if it just means a lesser case of the flu and not total prevention.
Unregistered guest
Posted on Tuesday, September 01, 2009 - 4:57 am:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)


Where did you hear/read that the swine flu virus was made in a lab?
Jerry Story
Unregistered guest
Posted on Tuesday, September 01, 2009 - 6:16 am:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Everyone who regularly listens to the Alex Jones show knows that the swine flu virus was made in a lab and expects that sort of thing from the government.

I check the Alex Jones channel every day.

In order to know what is going on in the world, everyone should listen to Alex Jones. I have a list of Alex Jones guests.
Scroll down to "Alex Jones guests"

About the flu vs the vaccine:
1. The flu is mild, no big deal.
2. The vaccine doesn't prevent it.
3. The vaccine causes it.
4. The vaccine is worse than the flu.
5. The vaccine is for the purpose of mass murder.
6. But the news media will spin it so it looks like the swine flu killed millions.

Fever is a powerful healing process. Be glad when you have a fever. Avoid doctors. Do not interfere with the healing process. Fast and sleep and drink all the water you want and keep comfortably warm and you will recover quickly.
Lisa Marie
Unregistered guest
Posted on Tuesday, September 01, 2009 - 5:01 pm:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

You might try googling Dr. Mercola--but there are PLENTY of other sites which state the same thing that Jerry is pointing out. This swine flu shot will have squalene in it as an adjunct.
Read about more ingredients here, underGulf War toxins in the swine flu vaccine:
More on ingredients:
More about ingredients:
10 things you're not supposed to know about the swine flu vaccine:

Swine flu vaccine-dangerous mix of bacteria
This is just one from Dr. Mercola
Dangerous is the Swine Flu Vaccine?The swine flu scare has slowed down but first-world countries around the world, including the U.S., are still bent on creating a swine flu vaccine.

There’s a strong possibility that American children would be among the first test subjects of a mass swine flu vaccination when they go back to or start school this fall.

This is a disturbing development because the swine flu vaccine might be more dangerous than the swine flu itself!

How the Swine Flu Vaccine is Developed

Vaccines are concocted by using dead viruses or live ones that have been weakened and made less harmful, natural health expert Dr. Joseph Mercola explains.

Aside from using a particular virus strain (in this case, the h1n1 virus), flu shots can also contain many dangerous substances such as antifreeze, formaldehyde and phenol.

Many vaccines also use immune adjuvants, which trigger your immune system to overreact to the introduction of the virus you’re being vaccinated against.

Adjutants hasten your immune system’s response to the immunization, which means a lesser amount of vaccine required per dose and a smaller number of doses given per patient.

Less vaccine required per person means more individual doses available for mass vaccination campaigns and, more money for Big Pharma.

The government has contracted several drug companies to develop and produce swine flu vaccines, and at least two of these companies – Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline – are using squalene as the adjuvant in their respective versions of the H1N1 vaccine.

The Dangers of Squalene in Vaccines

Your immune system recognizes squalene as an oil molecule native to your body, as it is found throughout your nervous system and brain, Dr. Mercola explains. You can consume squalene through foods like olive oil to experience its antioxidant properties.

However, squalene can quickly turn into something harmful, depending on its route of entry. When squalene is injected via a vaccine, it triggers your immune system to attack all of the squalene in your body, not just the vaccine adjuvant.

This means your immune response will try to wipe out all squalene molecules, including in places where it naturally occurs in your body and is vital to your nervous system.

Novartis’ squalene adjuvant for its h1n1 vaccine is known as MF59, an unapproved adjuvant used in experimental anthrax vaccines for soldiers who served in the Gulf War. This form of squalene has been linked to the devastating autoimmune diseases suffered by Gulf War veterans known as the Gulf War Syndrome (GWS).

Documented GWS symptoms due to squalene adjuvant include arthritis, fibromyalgia, lymphadenopathy, rashes, photosensitive rashes, malar rashes, chronic fatigue, chronic headaches, abnormal body hair loss, non-healing skin lesions, aphthous ulcers, dizziness, weakness, memory loss, seizures, mood changes, neuropsychiatric problems, anti-thyroid effects, anemia, elevated ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate), systemic lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), Raynaud’s phenomenon, Sjorgren’s syndrome, chronic diarrhea, night sweats and low-grade fevers.

A study published in 2000 revealed that 95 percent of deployed soldiers suffering from GWS symptoms had antibodies to squalene and 100 percent of GWS patients given anthrax vaccine shots, while NONE of the deployed Persian Gulf veterans who did not show signs and symptoms of GWS had antibodies to squalene.

Even the World Health Organization has opposed the fast-tracking of the swine flu vaccine. “One of the things which cannot be compromised is the safety of vaccines,” WHO chief Dr. Keiji Fukuda said.

Would you allow yourself and your child to become Big Pharma’s guinea pigs this fall for this untested and potentially dangerous vaccine?

The information you’ve just read may go against your understanding of the nature of vaccines. As a parent and as a health conscious individual, it’s your responsibility to know the facts, and not just rely on your doctor or the media.

The International Vaccine Conference, the single best conference on vaccines in the world, will be held on October 2 to 4 at Reston, Virginia. This important event is held every five years and features the most knowledgeable experts, who will tackle the most pressing and timely issues concerning vaccines.

Do consider attending. Think of it as an investment for your child’s health and the health of future generations.

Ads by Google
5 Worst Vaccines Exposed
Leading doctor reveals vaccine dangers in free report.
www.douglassreport.comFlu Vaccine
Keep Track of Recommended Vaccine's with Mayo Clinic Health Mgr. Now! Mercola Health Advice
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Flexible schedules for the adult student. Degree Program. Req info.

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Thanks, it’s interesting to see this side of the coin. Mostly we just hear about the pandemic, will there be enough vaccines. I don’t know that people ever really consider what’s actually

All over the internet you can find things about this particular swine flu vaccine.
Lisa Marie
Unregistered guest
Posted on Wednesday, September 02, 2009 - 2:32 am:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

More on stopping the mandatory swine flu shot:

The Voice of Global Health Freedom™
News, Alerts, and More Health Freedom Information
Action Items You Must Take to Protect Your Health Freedom
"STOP THE SHOT!" Health Freedom Action eAlert
September 2, 2009
Urgent in this issue -
FDA Petition: Stop the Shot!
Dr. Rima on Unsafe Safety Testing of Vaccines
Days Left! 3 for Liberty Campaign

Be a Natural Solutions Volunteer Sponsor

Natural Solutions Foundation Videos Worth Watching

Same Old Scare Tactics: 1976 Flu Vaccine Propaganda - Would be hilarious if it were not so familiar!

Important Videos on Swine Flu from Dr. Rima

Part 1:

Part 2:

Health Freedom Activist Asks Hard Questions


Mere Days Left to Save Health Freedom, Prevent Food and Medical Fascism...

Senate Reconvenes Sept. 7th
We MUST Prevent Passage of HR 2749 Equivalent Bill


3 Issues, 3 actions, 3 for Liberty!

Take each action once for every member of your household

Food Fascism waiting in the wings.

FDA Gag on truthful health related speech.
Demand your right to refuse vaccination without facing incarceration.
Read more, then act
Note: President Obama Engages in Official DoubleThink: Vaccines "Voluntary" while Draconian Provisions for Consequences of Refusal are Developed.
Obama: Americans Should Get Swine Flu Vaccine

President Barack Obama says that while swine flu vaccine will be voluntary, the government will 'strongly recommend' that people get it.
Obama told reporters in the Rose Garden that the federal government is taking a coordinated approach to fighting the expected outbreak, including ramping up what he says will be a "voluntary but strongly recommended" H1N1 flu vaccination program."

In a well-publisized Press Conference today, President Obama tried to quell the fears raised by groups like the Natural Solutions Foundation which point out that Federal Regulations and State emergency powers bills make pandemic vaccines mandatory.

Declaring that swine flu vaccine will be voluntary but that the government will 'strongly recommend' that people get vaccinated, the President today did nothing to allay the fears of those who perceive that the government has set itself up to declare that the shots are voluntary while creating a situation of such duress that the choice to acdept the 'strongly recommended' vaccine would, in fact, be no choice at all.

In her detailed analysis of his situation, "Pushback Truth and the Ministry of Lies", link, Rima E. Laibow, MD, Medical Director for the Natural Solutions Foundation, details the Orwellian "DoubleThink" by which vaccines are purported to be voluntary while the consequences of refusing them are so draconian that few would dare resist. more information on the carefully blurred distinction between "voluntary" and "mandatory, see "Pushback truth and the Ministry of Lies"

Emergency Action to Stay Approval of Untested Pandemic Vaccines

August 31, 2009 Update:
FDA Docket Number Issued

Gary Null, PhD, Ted Koren, DC and Rima E. Laibow, MD are working together to protect you from untested, squalene-adjuvanted pandemic vaccines. Read more here: FDA Docket Number issued:

Join the Emergency Stay Citizens Petition Now, Once for Each Member of Your Household

Individuals Sign Here:

Organizations Sign Here:

Add your voice to the 1,812,140 emails Demanding the Right to Say "NO!" to Either Vaccination or Incarceration!

Act Now Once for Each Member of Your Family!

Stay What?

Testing Not for Safety, "Dose" Tested Vaccines Do Not Contain Toxic Adjuvants; Final Vax Will...
But FDA Will Approve Them Anyway

On August 17, 2009 The Natural Solutions Foundation legal team took action to prevent the FDA from approving vaccines whose safety had never been tested and whose deadly components, including the oil squalene, had previously been held by both the FDA and a Federal Judge as too toxic for use in the United States! Not only do Pandemic Vaccines, for a non-issue, made-up, hyped-up make-believe fake "Pandemic" offer a multi-tens-of-billions-of-dollars windfall to the Big Pharma, they bring you an endless nightmare of permanent illness which will require the kind of continuing - and expensive - medical treatments on which so many Gulf War Vets spent so much money and from which they got so little relief. The only "relief" is to the "happy face" bottom line for big pharma.

FDA knows full well that its "Pandemic" vaccines, although laced with aluminum, squalene, mercury, formaldehyde and a host of other horrors, do not work and are dangerous. In fact they acknowledge that the H1N1 Vaccine - before the addition of squalene and other adjuvants - may well maim and kill 30,000 or more Americans - starting with children and pregnant women!

They say that these vaccines will be accepted if they create antibodies (which "may be associated with" protection, but may not) in 4 out of 10 recipients with at least 70 percent of those 4 (4x.7=2.8 people!) achieving an antibody level BELIEVED to provide benefit. This means that an acceptable vaccine candidate would provide possible "protection" for 28% of vaccine recipients or less than 3 out of 10 recipients. The requirement drops to 18% efficacy for those over 65 years of age (60% of 30%)

Now add to that the fact that public records show that the Pandemic vaccines with squalene contain a million times more of the damaging lipid squalene than the source of Gulf War Syndrome, Vaccine A, and you have a nightmare scenario which simply must not take place.

That is why the Natural Solutions Foundation once again took the lead, as it so often does, and suggested to pivital leaders in health freedom that we work together to create a legal action to stop the FDA from violating US law by approving vaccines which have not gone through safety testing. You have heard us offer to work together with health freedom groups and leaders. This time, we had some profound conversations with real leaders.

We initiated a request for an Emergency Stay in the form of a Citizens Petition on August 17, 2009. An incredible 14 days later, we finally were granted a docket number (the next step for forward movement) as both a Citizens Petition and a Request for an Emergency Stay. We know that our document was so well crafted that we tied the FDA up in knots trying to figure out how to respond to us until, finally, our Citizens Petition was reviewed by a top attorney there. They knew they had to deal deal with our petition. But the way the FDA granted the Docket gives them 180 days to respond, by which time the damage will certainly have been done to every child and pregnant woman in the US.

Not Acceptable!

Our petition for Emergency Relief is being treated by the FDA as if there were no emergency! That is good news and bad news. It's good news because we have been granted a docket number so the FDA accepted our concerns as legitimate. It's bad news because they have given themselves 180 days to deal with the situation. They say there is a Pandemic Emergency but there's no emergency when it comes to safety testing... logical? NOT!

When you have gone through the process of a legal challenge like a Citizens Petition, you are said to have "exhausted your administrative remedies" and the case is now considered by lawyers to be "ripe" for Court action.

Well, we have completed the process of exhausting our administrative remedies since the process offered by the FDA will allow the Emergency to come to pass without any effective action, so now we can go into Federal Court for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) to prevent the release of untested vaccines laced with squalene and other horrors, for which no manufacturer has a shred of liability if you die, or are injured cataclysmically

Our documents are ready. So are we.

Now we need your support in two ways to carry this Court case forward.

1. We need you to join the Citizens Petition for yourself, every member of your family and every organization for which you can legitimately sign. Once again, here are those links:

Individuals Sign Here:

Organizations Sign Here:

And, of course, we need funding. Up till now our attorneys have been working pro bono ("for the good", that is, without pay) but there are fees to be paid, papers to be filed and legal time to be covered. There is no way that a case this important can be researched and fought without financial support. How important is your right to be protected from untested, squalene-laced vaccines to you? You make the decision and then make the donation.

Legal Funding to the Sixes

Make your tax deductible donation, earmarked for our Legal Fund by clicking here,, and making a donation that ends in "6" - $1006, for example, or $16 or $56 or $5006. You decide the amount and let us know that your gift supports our Legal Challenge in Federal Court to the FDA by ending it with a "6"

"But even if it is tested", you may say, "I don't want the vaccine." Right! So here is your chance to let State and Federal Decision Makers know that! Add your voice to the 1,804,170 emails Demanding the Right to Say "NO!" to Either Vaccination or Incarceration!

Unsafe at Any Speed

By now it is old news that doctors in the UK have been alerted to watch for a significant increase in Guillan Barre Syndrome (the fancy-dancy name they made up in 1976 for Polio caused by the disastrous Swine Flu vaccine which, like this one, was going to save us from a pandemic so terrifying that, absent the vaccine, we were all going to die.

As we all know now, the only people, other than possibly one soldier - and that is unclear - who died from Swine Flu were the people who died from the after effects of the Swine Flu vaccine, manufactured the same way that the new generations of SFV are being made - except for the fact that the modern ones have adjuvants and toxins no one had thought of polluting our bodies with back in 1976.

The proposed "safety trials" for the H1N1 vaccine will not be concluded until June, 2010, long after virtually every person in the US has been injected with --- what? Who knows. The adjuvants, including squalene, are not being tested in this trial, nor are subjects with numerous health conditions allowed in the trial.

And there is a reason: liability.

If You Know It Is Bad and You Do It Anyway, That Is Willful Negligence. If You Don't Know, That Is Convenient!

Let me explain. Under the current laws, no vaccine manufacturer or agent of the Federal government, or the government itself, can be held liable for any damage that the vaccine does. You already know that if you have been reading these blasts.

What you may not know is that there is an exception: IF the manufacturer (or government, or its agent) acts with willful negligence, their liability protection evaporates.

That means that IF the safety tests are conducted BEFORE the vaccines are used and IF the vaccines are dangerous (how can they not be? ) and IF they are still used, THEN everyone in sight and hearing, and his brother in law will be sued for every penny they can ever earn. So it is very much in the best interest of the FDA, its agents and its masters, Big Pharma (and their masters, the NWO depopulationists, I should think, see article below), to make sure that this witches' brew hits our vulnerable and valuable children, our pregnant women and our chronically ill BEFORE it is possible to show "willful negligence".

Both Big Pharma manufacturers and all Federal Government employees and their agents (like your doctor, for example) are totally exempt from any liability for any damage suffered from the vaccines unless they acted in willful negligence. That means that they do not want to carry out safety testing before you are harmed since that way they can say there was no willful negligence because they did not know that the vaccine was going to harm you.

It is for that reason that our Court Case seeking a TRO BEFORE these vaccines are used, delaying their deployment until AFTER the safety testing is completed is so very, very important.

There are no other actions which we know of in the courts that actually have the possibility of stopping this monstrosity from damaging and killing you. We wish there were and we would certainly support them.

There are significant costs associated with a case in Federal Court and we need to raise the money in this battle. Remember to donate here with a donation ending in the number "6" to let us know to earmark the funds for the legal defense fund.

Oh, yes, one other thing: the ""currently being conducted are on a different vaccine. How could any safety data be inferred when the vaccine you will get has not been used on anyone yet, they tell us.

But when it is time for the dangerous, life threatening vaccines, you and your child might be the first to get them. Then, in the words of HHS Secretary Sebelius, we will "sit back and watch to see if there are too many adverse reactions."

Action Items to Save Your Life ...
AND Your Liberty

Mandatory Vaccination is Coming. Yes, they will DoubleThink it into "Voluntary under duress". Home Quarantine is Not What the State Has in Mind (See documentation below) UNLESS Enough of Us Demand the Right to Say "NO!" to Mandatory Vaccines Without Facing Incarceration.

Act Now Once for Each Member of Your Family!

OK. You have taken action (or done so before). Now comes the next step: Reach out to every single person you can connect with and explain how important it is for them to take these action steps. Do it now. It's about time, and we are rapidly running out of it.

Fear Mongering vs. Reality Mongering

This issue of the Natural Solutions Foundation's Health Freedom Action eAlert is full of sobering news, and, therefore, full of the most urgent requirement for those of us who love liberty and life to take serious, concerted and massive action.

Some say because the news we bring is not sugar coated, and so much of it is not good, that we are "fear mongering". We realize that bad news of the proportions we are facing can lead to fear. But we are categorically not trying to induce fear in you. On the contrary, we are offering real information about very real, and very dangerous, trends and possibilities securely wrapped around hope - real, meaningful solutions.

So we are, in fact, information mongering, hope mongering, effective action mongering. And proud of it. We are the largest health freedom group in the world, with good reason: you. Thanks for making us the powerful Voice of Health Freedom™.

And thanks for your recurring tax deductible donations, large or small. We're here for you. Thanks for going to and supporting the Natural Solutions Foundation.

The ABCs of Death:

Absurd, Business-Driven, Compulsory Vaccination, Detention

Are you prepared to be vaccinated at a checkpoint which Greg Evenson, a retired State Trooper, tells us that State Troopers all over the country are reportedly being trained to set up?

You are stopped at a checkpoint with your family in the car by armed people. "Have you all been vaccinated with the Pandemic Vaccine?" the Trooper asks. "Show me your RFID stainless steel, government issued and required vaccine record bracelets, please."

"No vaccine, you say? OK, Sir/Madam, just step over here to this FEMA bus waiting to take you to a quarantine facility. You can leave the kids right there. We'll vaccinate 'em, put the stainless steel RFID chip on their wrists and make them wards of the State."

"That won't happen to me", you say. "I won't be quarantined. They better not try to vaccinate me", you say.

Think again. I can think of no reason to assume that every State in the US does not have provisions identical to those in this chilling Iowa document from the official CDC website which allows that State to say, "We KNOW that you have been exposed to the H1N1 virus and so you are under quarantine. And NOT in your own home."

Here is a quote from this chilling Iowa document authorizing forced quarantine:

"The Department [of Health] has determined that it is necessary to quarantine your movement to a specific facility to prevent further spread of this disease. The Department has determined that quarantine in your home and other less restrictive alternatives are not acceptable because [insert the reason home quarantine is not acceptable, the person violated a previously issued home quarantine order, the person does not have an appropriate home setting conducive to home quarantine, etc.] The Department is therefore ordering you to comply with the following provisions during the entire period of quarantine…." Quarantine Order novelflu filled in 4-30-09.pdf

By now you probably know that a bill which would fine you $1000 per day for defying the order to be vaccinated is working its way through the Massachusetts legislature. The Pandemic Response Bill, MA 2028,, provides for incarceration/quarantine for those who do not wish to be vaccinated, warrantless intrusions, property seizures and a host of other personal affronts. MA is clearly the belle weather, but it is only the first of 49 more UNLESS we raise our voices loud and clear.

Read more here,

By the way, in case you think this destruction of our Constitutional freedoms is a newly hatched plot by a couple of recently empowered lunatics, spend a few minutes reading about Operation Garden Plot, The United States Civil Disturbance Plan 55-2, providing for military and weather support to quell legitimate protests.

Freedom, including health freedom, has been getting in the way of our crypto-fascists for quite some time now. "If any civil disturbance by a resistance group, religious organization, or other persons considered to be non-conformist takes place, under Appendix 3 to Annex B of Plan 55-2 hereby gives all Federal forces total power over the situation if local and state authorities cannot put down said dissenters.

Annex A, section B of Operation Garden Plot defines tax protesters, militia groups, religious cults, and general anti-government dissenters as "Disruptive Elements". This calls for the deadly force to be used against any extremist or dissident perpetrating any and all forms of civil disorder."

The Children's Hour - or Year
Jerry Story
Unregistered guest
Posted on Wednesday, September 02, 2009 - 3:32 pm:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Wayne Madsen on Alex Jones Tv 1/3:Doctors & Scientists Refuse To Take The H1N1 Vaccine!!
Jerry Story
Unregistered guest
Posted on Wednesday, September 02, 2009 - 7:22 pm:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Vaccine Creators Refuse to Take H1N1 Vaccine

Russia Today

They are watering down the truth by talking about "side effects".
Unregistered guest
Posted on Thursday, September 03, 2009 - 9:35 am:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Unregistered guest
Posted on Sunday, September 06, 2009 - 5:00 am:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

The problem with Alex Jones is that he believes that every possible conspiracy theory is true. Sometimes he is right but he can’t be trusted.

For Swine flu I would make sure I have a stock at home of:

Garlic pills or garlic

Vitamin D3 5000-25000 IU/day

Vitamin C, pure ascorbic acid (as much as the bowel can handle (50 grams/day?))

Cod liver oil (contains vit A + D in a godd mixture)


N-Acetyl Cystein (600 mg/day) antioxidant that dissolves mucus in the lungs

Brazil nuts (high levels of selenium)

More info at (though I would not use antiviral pharma drugs or vaccination)
Miss Kitty
Unregistered guest
Posted on Sunday, September 06, 2009 - 9:52 pm:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

I always found it interesting that the medical/pharacutical industry knows just what flu is coming each fall and has a vaccine ready seemingly before it hits. Frightening!
Jerry Story
Unregistered guest
Posted on Tuesday, September 08, 2009 - 1:49 am:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

[quote] The problem with Alex Jones is that he believes that every possible conspiracy theory is true. Sometimes he is right but he can’t be trusted. [/quote]
There are many conspiracy theories that Alex Jones does not believe - flying saucers, fake moon missions, giants, Jews, hollow earth, reptilians. He believes only what he has evidence for.
It was never about trusting Alex Jones. Alex Jones himself says don't trust him. He presents evidence.
Roy Piwovar
Unregistered guest
Posted on Thursday, April 01, 2010 - 1:31 am:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

The article linked below may be useful regarding some other vaccines as well:

Dr Blaylock's Solutions To Help Those Forced To Take An A/H1N1 Vaccine

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