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Posted on Monday, January 22, 2001 - 4:22 pm:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Many of you may remember Deb A. posting information about a allergy elimination treatment she was starting called NAET. This treatment program is designed to change the body's negative reaction to certain foods and substances.

Since then, I've ordered and read "Say Goodbye to Illness" by Dr.Devi Nambudripad as well as review the info on her web page, I've also read "Winning the War against Immune Disorders and Allergies" by Ellen Cutler, who has a website at

I've been intrigued by all that I've read, and have decided to try NAET myself shortly. I thought I'd use this conversation thread to relay what I've learned, both pro and con. I believe we've got keep our eyes and hearts open to whatever we can do improve our health. That's the only way we can make an intelligent, informed decision as to what will benefit us.

Accupuncture is one of two medical practices used in NAET. So I started on a positive note, because it's been a valuable part of my health care for years. NAET appears to actually use accupressure (for similar results), on the same points of the body that were identified by the Chinese thousands of years ago. Accupuncture is gaining growing acceptance by NIH and "Western" medicine.

The second practice used is kinesiology, which has been proven and used by Western medicine for years. When my husband was the President of the OT board in Md. in the 80's, it was an accepted practice used for allergy testing in Md. hospitals.

Kinesiology involves testing for a weak muscle response when the patient is in the presence of an allergen. This is the part that I want to pass on in this message, because I can't believe how helpful it is to test yourself to see if you'll have an allergic reaction to a certain food...and...IT WORKS!

I was pretty skeptical, but I've tried it again and again, and well, let me give you an example:

A few days ago I had a terrible MSG reaction (my muscles drew tight and ached, and I hardly slept for 2 nights). Playing detective, I found that my husband had inadvertently bought calcium enriched Tropicana orange juice...which has citric acid, a big no-no for me. I'd only had a sip, and almosted doubted that it could be the cause, but there wasn't anything else to blame.

So, I tried testing my muscle response with kinesiology using the following technique (recommended in both the above books):
1) With your left hand, touch your thumb to your baby finger, forming a ring.
2)Grasp the suspected allergen with the last three fingers of your right hand, and form a slight hook with your right index finger. (I used a jigger glass to hold the juice.)
3) Now try to break the 'ring' formed by your left thumb and baby finger with your right index finger. If you can, you're allergic to it!

Sounds stupid, huh? I can't emphasize enough that this worked for me!! I tried it first with regular OJ in the glass and couldn't separate that 'ring'. Then I tried the citric acid laced OJ, and WOW, my fingers slipped apart like they were made of jello! (gelatin pun intended!)

I tried the same technique with other foods that I know I'm allergic to (like eggs) and foods I'm not, like walnuts, with the same results. It also tested positive when I grasped a piece of my wool jacket, which makes me itch whenever I wear it.

Imagine the power you have now! I ran all over the kitchen, trying vitamins, Rx, baking powder, pretzels, etc, etc.

Start with items you don't think you'd react to, so you can get a feel for a negative muscle response. Then try grasping something you know you're allergic to and watch your fingers turn to jello. Sometimes you get a weak response and you think you're mind's playing tricks on you, but once you've experienced a strong negative response, you'll start to learn the difference. Practice makes perfect!

The items you're testing need to be next to your skin, or in clear glass, but other than that, it should work (I haven't tried plastic containers). Just use some restraint practicing this technique in the food store!

I'll post more info here about NAET as I start my allergy elimination treatment!

Good luck, and now you have a new way to help you test your way to good health!
Judy T
Posted on Tuesday, January 23, 2001 - 9:40 am:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Connie: Thank you for sharing. Like one wise man on this site said when Deb A first mentioned this; it causes no harm. All avenues must be left open for each person, what works, works. Alternatives have not helped me to this date but perhaps one day... . In fact, I have worked with Reiki and while I am getting better I suspect it is my diet rather than this awareness of universal energy, but hey, it causes no harm, and my mental state is better. Please do continue to share with all of us, the nay-sayers and those who might also be grasping at straws. We do need every bit of information/ideas/thoughts we can get so might either affirm our own internal views or so we might look out of our personal box.
Deb A.
Posted on Tuesday, January 23, 2001 - 9:51 am:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Thanks, Connie, for sharing this info with others. I have not been for treatments since Christmas, since my doctor has been too busy, but will start up again, soon. I can say that I still react to MSG, but not with as much intensity, however, I do notice that I can now tolerate many foods that are rich in NATURAL glutamate that I have been treated for, that bothered me before, such as, tomatoes, eggs, mushrooms,etc. I refuse to eat foods treated with sulfites, even if they did not bother me, and the same goes for foods tainted with MSG. They can only harm the body. But if I don't get as severe a reaction when I ingest these things by mistake, then that is fine by me. I cannot recommend such a controversial treatment. It can be costly, and I am lucky enough to be treated gratis by my family dentist, so I felt I had nothing to lose. So for those of you comtemplating the treatments for yourself, I would suggest that you follow Connie's reports and decide for yourself if NAET is for you. My son, who is a newly licensed chiropractor is going to be treated, also, and if he gets results, will train to be able to do NAET. He's of a more skeptical nature, due to his science training, but suffers severe headaches and fatigue when he ingests MSG.
Posted on Friday, February 09, 2001 - 9:35 am:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Had my first allergy elimination session yesterday and am very glad that Deb A. brought it to my attention. I definitely want to give this a good try, and expect that will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $1000 before I can have some relief from my allergic reactions. Not cheap, but I'd give up a weeks vacation for my health. And if it doesn't work, well, at least I tried it and learned.

This is about more than my MSG reactions. I'm very allergic to eggs and oatmeal (RAST tested). I'm very deficient in calcium, magnesium, iron and other essential minerals (based on hair analysis done by holistic dr.). Since I've always eaten a balanced diet, the theory that 'allergy' is causing my poor absorption of them makes sense to me.

So 'allergy' can have yet another definition, simply that your body rejects/bypasses valuable nutrients because they aren't a compatable 'energy'. So if my body bypasses absorbion of calcium, no wonder I have less protection from even naturally occurring glutamates.

In yesterday's session, through muscle testing, we found that all of my filtering organs (spleen, liver, kidneys) were underfunctioning. They aren't providing me with full protection. The explanation given to me has to taken with faith, but its as if their 'energy' is incompatable with the rest of my body, similar to an 'allergy'. If they aren't working up to par, then the rest of my body has to work harder and/or pay the price (i.e. MSG symtoms).

We've all noticed that some days we can tolerate more natural or accidental MSG than others. This may be another reason why.

I'll report back here as I learn more, and whether I notice any results.
Posted on Saturday, May 05, 2001 - 7:14 pm:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Based on my personal experience, I now can highly recommend NAET for allergy treatment.

I didn't comprehend the physical and emotional problems that my allergies caused until I noticed the difference of living without them. Physically, I didn't realize the extent of the impact of the muscle pain ...until it was absent. My best attempts to follow Deb A.'s cookbook and avoid all packaged food items, supplements, eating out, etc. still only brought me about 80% relief. Even eating leftovers would cause a problem. I think part of my problem was that I was allergic to more than just MSG and its relatives. From RAST testing, I knew I was highly allergic to eggs, oatmeal and pineapple. But what NAET showed is that I was also allergic to milk, calcium, spices, many nuts, etc.

Now, I find such pleasure in finding my neck, hands, arms and shoulders relaxed and comfortable. I still avoid products that I now know might be harmful to me in the long run (MSG, aspartame), but I no longer live in a state of allergic reaction to so much of what I eat. This means that when I eat out, I can eat reasonably and not pay for it with a week of pain,
sleeplessness, or a run to the bathroom.

That brings me to the second benefit of NAET, freedom from the emotional tension these allergies brought. I feel like a tremendous weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I no longer live in fear that a food item might cause an allergic reaction that lasts for days. I eat to live healthy, not avoiding many healthy foods because of potential problems.

Since completing the "basic 10" and MSG allergy elimination, I have only had 2 minor reactions, both from ice cream in a restaurant. I felt some minor tightness in my neck and shoulders, but it was gone completely in about 6 hours (before it was about 5 days and far more severe). This includes pasta and Salisbury steak served on an airplane, as well previous problems such as
Parmesan cheese, various gravies/ sauces, slow-cooked meals and salad dressing from scratch! I've also noticed my post nasal drip, which I'd had for years, is now gone. My energy level is way up, and I don't feel stressed and tense like before.

My treatment began in February, and there are still a number of areas that I want to treat such as molds and Candidas, but I can now say the money spent was well worth it. So far, I've had 13 treatments at $65 each. There isn't a price tag that you can put on your health, and I feel that not only am I no longer having allergic reactions, but that I'm absorbing and utilizing more nutrients. In reading and talking to other patients, it does appear that most of the treatments are effective for life. The only comment I've heard otherwise is someone abusing their consumption of something they've been allergic to (ex. sugar).

If you want to educate yourself on this technique, my suggestion is to read one of the books suggested in my earlier posts. Make an informed choice. There's a very good write-up on Dr. Jack Samuel's web site as well:

And try the muscle testing process on yourself. It's a wonderful tool, even if you don't go through NAET. It saved me from many reactions before my treatment...I found if I doubted a positive result and ate the food anyway, I ended up with a reaction. Make sure the NAET practitioner is experienced (3 or more years) and ask for references from other patients. As in any area, there are good and bad ones out there.

Good luck and good health to all!
Posted on Monday, June 25, 2001 - 4:17 pm:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Does anyone know how I would go about finding exactly what ingredients are in injections (shots)?
Deb A.
Posted on Monday, June 25, 2001 - 6:43 pm:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

You can try asking the doctor or nurse at the clinic/office for the brand name of the product and then do a search for the company. You should be able to call or e mail with you inquiry. The doctor may also be able to get the phone number from the sales people for the company.
Posted on Wednesday, June 27, 2001 - 10:13 am:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

NAET continues to help me beyond all belief. Eliminating so many of my allergies has truly given me my life back - my husband finds the difference amazing.'s more than giving me my life learning that I'm no longer a VICTIM of this process (both of the food industry and my body's major "squalks" to things - like naturally occurring glutamate - that normal, healthy people have no reaction to). I can do something to heal myself.

Of interest to this board has been the nature of my allergies...they definitely didn't all fall under the "MSG" heading.

For example, one of the best treatments I had was for amino acids (which includes glutamates). It allowed me to eat slow-cooked food and take gel caps fairly early in the treament process. It wasn't until my 18th treatment that I was treated for MSG and food additives.

Before that 18th treatment, I was finding not only was I pretty much symptom-free, but I had the energy of 20 years ago (At night now, I look up and notice how late it is, at least a 1-2 hours past the time I used to fall into bed exhausted.) The only (mild) symptoms I was finding was to bread products with preservatives.

The second best treatment for me was for molds (my PR said she never had a patient who was not allergic to mold). I felt like a cloud was lifted from my head - I guess this is what some people describe as "brain fog". I find I'm no longer drowsy at work or driving...I didn't realize how bad it was until I didn't have it anymore.

At last Tuesday's treatment, we checked and found I'd "lost" the treatment for gelatin, but that I was fine with glutamates. I knew something was wrong when I had a mild reaction to boiled chicken. My PR said that allergies to gelatin are common (from the chicken bones), and she's found gelatin to be a separate allergy from glutamate. I was re-treated for it as well as some additional food additives and tested fine.

For those who might like to try muscle testing, I've found I could refine the statements to simply say "Show me a yes" and "Show me a no". It's a simple way to learn the difference in your body's reaction. (See earlier post in this thread for the mechanics.) So even without NAET treatment you can learn to determine if a food will cause you some problem.

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