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Summertime drink ideas

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Posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2001 - 2:14 pm:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

This question is for Deb A, or anyone who has an idea. I would like to make fresh lemonade (or limeade) this summer, and I would like to get a good recipe. Also, I am buying fresh peaches at the farmer's market, and would like to know the best way to prepare them to freeze, so they can be enjoyed later this year. I also have purchased some Tupperware ice tups which allow you to make your own frozen popsickles, but I have no idea what kind of liquid I should freeze, and still keep it low in msg. Please, Deb A., give me some suggestions. I want to be able to offer the kids some alternate to soft drinks this summer. Thanks for the help!
Posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2001 - 9:25 pm:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

I made a big pitcher of lemonade, mostly for myself at a party last summer. I provided lots of different soft drinks for everybody else, but EVERYBODY, kids and grown-ups, went for the lemonade. I had to make more. It's easy. Fresh lemon juice (I use organic lemons), sugar (just the regular kind), and water. The fewer the ingredients, the better. I'm sure you can use any fruit or combination of fruits in a blender, with sugar and water. Mashed banana mixed with fruit juices adds an interesting flavor. (I don't eat bananas myself, because of the tyramine content.)
Deb A.
Posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2001 - 9:47 pm:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Hi Anonymous. Sorry to take so long to respond. It has been a hectic week. Ruth, you always come through with such good ideas!
Lemonade is so easy. I squeeze lots of lemons at once and then pour the juice into pint size freezer containers or bottles (half full to allow for expansion). Then I use one a week for lemonade, dressings, baking, whatever. I puree just about any fruit in the blender and add sugar (cane sugar....C&H), water and/or ice and a little lemon juice to make a great drink or to use in popsicle forms. There is also a good chocolate mix in the book to freeze. Just blend together, rice milk or organic whole milk, sugar, water, a pinch of salt, and cocoa to taste. Put in forms and freeze. Make it sweet enough as freezing cuts down on the sweetness. Fresh pineapple, mangoes, and berries are great, too in any fruit puree. To freeze peaches, place a few in boiling water for a few seconds to loosen skin. Quickly plunge in ice water in the sink, and skins will slip off quickly. Pit and slice and freeze. To reduce browning, you can place them in some water that has a little fresh lemon juice added. They can also be sweetened with sugar or honey. I freeze them in qt. size freezer bags.
Christine K.P.S.
Posted on Thursday, June 14, 2001 - 7:46 am:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Dear Deb A. and Ruth,
Would you be kind enough to tell us the approximate ratios of lemons to water to sugar? I am sure it is adjusted to taste but I don't want to use ten lemons if I only need five for flavor, for example. The ideas sound so tasty I can't wait to try them.

Hello, everyone. I've had a very busy time with family and special occasions for my daughter. So, I haven't been posting much and just recently started to check in again and at least read all of your posts. Welcome to all newcomers. We completely sympathize with your symptoms and can actually feel what you're going through as you describe your symptoms. As many before me have stated, know that we can support you even during setbacks. It's all a process to eliminate MSG and change ways we have eaten for decades.

Be chattin' with you...Christine

P.S. I've gotta shorten my username. Any ideas? So far, I don't think there's another Christine; that's why I added my remaining initials when I first posted.
Christine K.P.S.
Posted on Thursday, June 14, 2001 - 8:00 am:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

I forgot to add that I made everything for the reception/party I had for my daughter's Baptism/first birthday from scratch so that I could be sure that she and I and my husband and our guests could eat MSG-free. I am so proud of myself that I was able to create dishes and use ideas including the cake and frosting and the Punch for a Crowd in Deb A's book (that would make a great summertime drink). Other recipes from other sources, I was able to adapt using what I learned from her book. The only thing I had trouble with was the decorative frosting for her cake. I ended up using some horrible chemical concoction like Dec-A-Cake just to write on it, but scraped it off before she or I ate the cake. I warned others but they chose to eat it. Nuts! I tried. Any suggestions for future cake or cookie decorating?
Posted on Thursday, June 14, 2001 - 6:24 pm:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Thank you SO much, Deb A. and Ruth!! I can hardly wait to taste the lemonade and fresh frozen peaches! I am going to try the chocolate mix frozen in the Tupperware ice tups, and will let you know how they go over. All of you on this board are a God-send, and I can't thank you enough!
Posted on Thursday, June 14, 2001 - 11:02 pm:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

The Finegold Association has a list of companies that sell safer alternatives for food coloring made from vegetables. This product was only available through mail-order a few years ago. Maybe somebody can find it on the web now. The Finegold Assoc. is an organization that is dedicated to helping people identify foods without artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, salicylic acid, and also lists MSG on its food list. It was through the Finegold Assoc. that I found Truth In Labeling and this discussion group.
Roy Piwovar
Posted on Friday, June 15, 2001 - 3:33 am:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Here's a Feingold list of product resources:
Christine K.P.S.
Posted on Sunday, June 17, 2001 - 10:42 pm:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Thanks to you both, Ruth and Roy, for the info regarding the Feingold Association. I've only had a few minutes here and there to investigate so I haven't been able to really delve into it yet. When I was an infant, the allergists told me, or my parents rather, that I was to avoid salycilates (spelling?). I have my orginal list of foods, meds. that contain salycilates but the website seems more comprehensive. I'm anxious to find tose food colorings but haven't found them yet on that site. I will keep looking. Thanks again. Christine.
Posted on Monday, June 18, 2001 - 6:21 am:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

You might be able to call the Feingold Assoc. They used to have an 800 number. Try that one first. If not, maybe you could just ask information for the number. I checked out the website that Roy posted but couldn't find the natural food coloring. I can't remember the name of the company, but I'll look around and see if I can find it.
Posted on Monday, June 18, 2001 - 6:36 am:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

I just found the natural food coloring under Squirrel's Nest. I was afraid it might have some MSG in it and I found corn syrup and malto dexitrin listed in the ingredients. Those don't sound safe. I remember reading somewhere that there are certain vegetables that you can use as coloring. The one I remember clearly was beets for red or pink. Maybe somebody else on this discussion board can think of some others.

I was speaking with someone yesterday that wished she had a support group for her macrobiotic diet. I told her how much support and information there is on this board about MSG. I value this board and group of people so much! Thanks everyone.
Christine K.P.S.
Posted on Wednesday, June 20, 2001 - 12:43 pm:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Dear Ruth,
Thank you for investigating the food coloring for me. Sunday night, I ended up doing a lot of research on the Feingold website and stayed up way too late. Monday morning I decided to join the Feingold Association. It dawned on me that even though I have cut out all MSG and its hidden sources, I still get a little rash of some kind that's very itchy and gets very red.

When I was an infant, my parents took me to an allergist who put me on a salicylate-free diet and medications because I'd had an aspirin-iduced asthmatic attack. That list was typed on several prescription notepad pieces of paper and taped together in 1971, has since yellowed quite a bit. I have often thought how ridiculous to not eat certain things like almonds and apples and oranges and tangerines which I love. However, I think I may have made this additional connection back to salicylates and through looking on the Feingold sight, I have learned that that list has since expanded. It wasn't known as the Feingold diet yet when I received that list in 1971.

Recently, I had started to eat and drink oranges and orange carrot juice, both organic, and Roma tomatoes, which I know are high in glutmate, but this time I stopped eating them and the rash is subsiding. So, even though Feingold seems to allow, I think, eventually for some foods that have MSG like corn syrup, I will have to still avoid MSG and salicylates, if that ends up being my problem too. I'm still waiting for the materials from Feingold Association. I'm not in any way plugging for them, it's just that I may have both issues to deal with. Do you or does anyone else here follow Feingold? I'd appreciate any heads-up advice. It seems that other NO MSGers started with Feingold first and then came to this site.

Thank you so very much, Christine
Christine K.P.S.
Posted on Wednesday, June 20, 2001 - 1:01 pm:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

I should add that I have actually taken aspirin and ibuprofen products since and haven't had any asthmatic reactions. Maybe it was manifesting itself in other less severe ways. I do continue to have problems with perfume and cologne, sometimes in my life much worse than others, that other people wear. I understand that perfume has salicylates in it. Am I remembering that correctly? And, of course, I've problems with chemicals and now latex. Apparently, I'd also been diagnosed with Lyme disease about 10 years ago or so. Maybe that too adds into the immune disorder disruption game. Thanks everyone. Christine

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