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Misdiagnosed with panic disorder

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Posted on Tuesday, August 17, 2010 - 7:26 am:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

in 1991, I started having panic attacks and eventually only functioned with 10mg xanax. it was a nightmare being on that drug. it really shut me down emotionally and disconnected me to the world around me. then I started to have tolerance to the drug and had seizure like activity. similar to petit-mal-siezures. I didn't ever get diagnosed with that because I was now not happy with allopathic medicine. this was 1997 and pre-computer for me and not avalable any information to me about glutamate. only thing I knew about glutamete is that MSG gave my child horrid asthma and I almost lost her once. so our home was already (added) MSG free. within a year I had a list of all the foods that gave me the siezure activity and I stopped eating them and the disgnosis of severe panic disorder and agoraphobia and permanant dissability was gone and happy ever after. no doctor believed me but so what. then started my mission to help others. I'm amazed at how no one believes me. I have a brother with ADHD and he never modified his diet. even after all he saw me go thorugh. if I could help just one person to see how foods can affect them? that is worth it to me.
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Posted on Tuesday, August 17, 2010 - 1:38 pm:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Im so glad you're better. It really can throw up such an array of symptoms that seem to vary for each individual. I often wonder just how many people suffering ill health are actually suffering because of what they eat.
For my family, we have seen my daughter go from an insomniac, hyperactive,uncommunicative, aggressive toddler to a now happy, relaxed "normal" almost two year old. She is an absolute joy. The same docs and health nurses that have seen her change before their eyes, will give not a seconds attention to what i tell them about msg and its effects on her. I suspect they think im mad!!! Its so frustrating, when these are the very people that are dealing with other babies and young children displaying developmental problems. They seem to think, my daughter miraculously out grew her symptoms.
For me, eliminating msg has cured my IBS and eczema and improved my mental stability a 100%. Bad moods and aggitation that i thought was just my personality are now a thing of the past. Ive also seen my hip and shoulder problems clear up. My mum, who has the same hip and shoulder problems as me, refuses to make any dietry changes. Its so frustrating. Finding this board and the wonderful people on it that share their experience has been a life line. To talk with people that understand is such a relief.
Like you i openly discuss the topic with anyone that shows interest, particulary parents of young children and babies in the hope that just one person will take note, get it and benefit.
Thanks so much for sharing your story.
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Posted on Tuesday, August 17, 2010 - 9:27 pm:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

My daughter and I talked to a fellow shopper in the Asian market this weekend. We were discussing a purchase and if we wanted to chance the possibility of hidden corny additives and a lady overheard us. She asked lots of questions as she was trying to track down her particular problem. When I asked if she had problems almost every time she ate, she said she did even though she was being more careful about eating less prepared food. I helped her figure out that it could be all processed foods and how to keep a food diary. My daughter also gave her my web address which she wrote down. I have a link to this site on my blog so I imagine she will be visiting soon.

I always try to inform people about the hidden sources because I don't want it to sound like an indictment of their way of eating. I want them to understand that it is a minefield of additives in our world and the only way to successfully avoid them is to educate yourself. It seems to work when someone has suffered enough. Some people are just not ready to make a change, but I hope when they do get ready they will remember the info I passed on to them. I think I probably at least mention it to someone every time I leave the house. Sometimes I can't help myself when I see someone giving a child a diet soda or an elderly person with aspartame products or nonfat, corn syrup-laden yogurt in a young mom's cart. I just keep thinking how I wish someone had given me a clue so many years ago and that helps me to overlook it when people are less than receptive.
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Posted on Tuesday, August 17, 2010 - 11:53 pm:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Im always worried about forcing my opinions on someone that doesnt want to hear. But i cant always help myself. Especially when it involves young children. One of the kids in my daughters preschool class has been kept there an extra year, because he is so disruptive. His poor mother, has her hands full. He has wrecked their house, he is a danger to other children. He has no control over impulsive behaviour. Its awful to see. Yet every single day i see the child given a packet of cheetos to eat at pre school. On visiting ive been able to see what food is fed at home. Well its no surprise the childs behaviour is as it is. Using my own children as examples, ive tried to gently point out that maybe it would be worth revising the childs diet for a few weeks and see is there any improvement. I was told in no uncertain terms that the child eats healthily and that it was ludicrous that i should think my own childrens behaviour is effected by their diet. Where do you go from there??? Sometimes people just dont want to hear.I just hope one day, the penny drops and changes are made. The child is now on prescription drugs to help the behavioural problems.
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Posted on Wednesday, August 18, 2010 - 7:59 am:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

That is such a familiar story. There are so many kids who have become the terrors of their class and will become medicated. It's too bad for those kids that their parents don't want to bother with anything besides drugs. I have been told the same thing before and I just say that it doesn't hurt them to hear a new idea and it is their choice whether to do any further research on it themselves. I guess I have a thick skin but I would rather take the snarky responses than to feel as if I didn't do everything I could do for those kids. Sometimes people are actually receptive and that makes it all worth it. Besides, I don't think of it as forcing my opinions on someone, but rather sharing my personal experience with someone.
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Posted on Wednesday, August 18, 2010 - 8:15 am:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Thats the way i approached it, sharing my personal experience. My youngest is a prime example of what effects diet can have on behaviour. I just cant say nothing and rest with a clear concience. Some people are receptive. others arent i guess. I know my own Mum, despite having many health problems isnt prepared to come off her weightwatchers ready meals (uuugh!) Though she has seen what happens to Isla when she is fed processed food first hand. Baffles me!
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Posted on Wednesday, August 18, 2010 - 6:48 pm:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

I know, it is so older brother has almost identical symptoms as I do and loves to cook, but he will not listen to any information about the ingredients in food. If this would be easy for anyone it's him because he already loves cooking and hunting and grilling and smoking meat. I find it so strange that he doesn't even want to try it.
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Posted on Wednesday, August 18, 2010 - 11:52 pm:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Frustrating hey? Thats how i feel about my mum. She has chronic irritable bowl and regulary its so bad she is in hospital having cameras inserted and all manner of horrible tests. She wont listen or make any changes. What i find even more astounding is that the medical profession offer her little dietary adivce either.
She is always battling with her weight too. She can clearly see the weight we have all lost since ditching diet anything and going back to how food should be, irrelevent of calories and fat content. I guess she just doesnt want to change. But with the pain she has sometimes, baffles me as she wouldnt try anything to feel better.
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Posted on Thursday, August 19, 2010 - 6:30 am:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

I think some people have such a food addiction that even if they want to change their way of eating, it is so difficult, they give up. And maybe instead of admitting how hard it is, the easiest way is to deny (even to themselves) that food isn't the problem. I have several friends, all with different symptoms/conditions, that won't change their eating habits. It makes me so sad, but I feel I can only do so much and mention how food can affect our bodies only so many times to them.
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Posted on Thursday, August 19, 2010 - 8:42 am:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

di i think you have nailed it... only, it isnt really an addiction to food itself, but rather to the additives within the 'food'...

researchers have known for years that corn syrup is terribly addicting, becoz of the way it affects brain function and alters liver & pancreatic metabolism...

i humbly suggest that many more- if not ALL- of the commonly used additives are equally addictive...
and so like any other addiction, people simply CANT hear or see the reality of their situation as long as the addiction is screaming for more... more... more...

ive also been working on my family for years. my brother finally got so sick of being sick that he blew a fuse and cleaned his cupboards out- effectively going 'cold turkey'. he has been 'clean' for 2 months. he is bipolar and has lots of pain and is really hoping his dietary changes help him feel better, or at the very least, he is frustrated enough at the status quo to recognize that even if the damage remains- he will likely keep fighting to remain additive free.

which is pretty much also where i am at. i think i have permanent physical damage and am stuck with a lot of the pain and fatigue which is typical for autoimmunity. i have learned a lot of ways i can minimize and avoid other issues tho, and for me that is enough to keep going. i may be chronically ill- but i dont have to make it worse than it has to be! :-)

my mom on the other hand, hears everything i tell her and agrees at the time, then gets all confused later and goes right back to the things her body is craving. she also has several autimmune conditions including FMS, IBS and low thyroid, and lives with chronic pain and fatigue, headaches, insomnia, muscle cramps, stubborn extra weight, etc...

my dad wont listen at all, just laughs and opens another diet pop. he is the most addicted to additives of all of us, always craving one thing or another that is loaded with junk. he must have an amazing constitution tho, he has eaten junk food all his life and other than carrying around an extra 40 lbs, he never showed many symptoms until finally developing diabetes in his early 60's. its all catching up to him now tho, a lot more pain and fatigue, chest problems, sleep problems, blood pressure, cholesterol, memory... he faithfully takes all his prescriptions & insists its just 'old age' catching up,

but we know better, dont we?
i do yard work now & then for a couple who are in their mid-80's, have eaten organically their entire lives, and havent slowed down yet. honestly, they must have twice the energy i do! and their minds are still sharp and clear...
earlier this year the old gentleman fell from his ladder as he was cleaning the roof (!) and broke his hip- his wife was pretty concerned (as was i- my husband's grandma never recovered when it happened to her)...not only is he walking again, they said his therapist hollered at him to slow it down- he is FULLY recovered, and would be back on the roof except his wife put the brakes on that and hired my husband to do it instead... so instead, he scooped half a truckload of pea gravel out of a garden they are redoing and hauled it off to the dump. (he is 85!)

to me, stories like all of yours and these, say A LOT. but again, i am sooooo thankful to have found this forum becoz even tho i knew- i knew!- it was the food that was making me ill, i only knew half the things to avoid and never could have found so much out on my own. it is terribly confusing, especially when one's mind is still clouded by the effects of all the chemicals in our daily bread!

just dont give up- keep hanging in there, all of you... many times the best you can do is plant seeds of the truth which someone else will be able to water later....
HIS Blessings to each and every one of you today!
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Posted on Friday, August 20, 2010 - 1:19 am:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Thats great news that your brother is trying the dietary path for his problems. I only wish my mum would. The real irony is that when she comes to stay with us for a week, she always notes that her restless legs that keep her awake at night are much better, as is her ibs and bloating, and that she actually starts to sleep through the night without frequent wakings towards the end of her stay. If seven days with a clean diet can do so much for her, id love to see what she could achieve if she kept at it.
She does however complain at every meal that she will be piling on the pounds because she has butter and other "baddies"!!! And off she trots home back to a diet of weight watcher shakes and ready meals, not to mention the sweetener in her tea...i could go on. What i cant get my head around is she gets bigger not smaller, yet still keeps at the diet stuff!!! Its exasperating!! Ah well, i guess you can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink!! I hope the dietary approach sees your brothers health improving. That would be really something hey?

My dad has inadvertantly cured many niggling problems since he moved to Crete. He has a good mediteranian diet out there. All produce is local grown and not a packet to be seen. He has seen his indigestion that he has popped pills for since the year dot, completely disappear as have his headaches and sinus troubles. Hes a new man, with more energy and vitality at 65 than he had at 40!! It wasnt even a concious decision on his part to change his diet, just a product of living half way up a mountain in a small greek village. He does confess that in the holiday season, when he goes to the resort and eats out that his old ailments start to return. So he is sensible enough to limit it.

Thats a wonderful story of the elderly couple, Bo'nana. It says it all really doesnt it!!

I totally agree with your that many of the things in our food are addictive. I know for myself, the week i finally cleared out the cupboards, i was ratty, irrational and really struggled for a few days. A sort of bad comedown!!!Horrible. And then came the sense of well being and the disappearance of allthose niggly little health problems. Im thankful that Isla was so sensitive as but for that, i would no doubt have carried on eating that "food" until i had serious health problems.
Deb A.
Unregistered guest
Posted on Friday, August 20, 2010 - 9:34 am:   Delete PostPrint Post   Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

If I were new to this board and unsure that MSG was really the cause of my symptoms, reading your discussion of your frustrations with family, and then reading of your own stories of recovery would be VERY helpful. I can't thank all of you enough for coming here and sharing, buoying others up, and informing everyone. We all have trouble convincing others, especially those closest, but be sure you are helping more people than you know about.

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