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MSG Myth Discussion Board

Click to link... Battling the MSG Myth

For ease in posting, ignore the top left boxes. Instead, just click on 1, 3 or 7 days for the most recent discussions. Once there, click on any desired name/posting. Scroll to bottom large box and post your comments. Put your first name (any name) in the "Username" box or check "Anonymous". Enter "msgkills" in the "Password box. Click "Preview Post". Do any needed editing and click to post your comment.

Posting by anonymous is allowed. Everyone, please use this password when posting: msgkills

The opinions and suggestions posted on this bulletin board do not necessarily represent those of the authors of the MSG Myth site, Mike and Debby Anglesey. The bulletin board is offered so that others suffering from MSG and aspartame sensitivity can network and share information as a means of support and learning. We hope visiters might find it helpful.
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This topic is used to archive all postings through Oct. 31, 2001. It is to be used for reading and searching for answers to questions and commentary that has been given during the past year and a half. Posting in this section is prohibited.
4165 243 11-11-01  6:53 pm Anonymous
"Help! I Have a Question" 3396 291 9-04-17  8:32 pm Anonymous
"Help! I've Just Made the MSG Connection" 618 34 4-04-16  6:28 pm Hoofbeats in heav'n
Share Your MSG Story/Recovery 841 45 4-03-17  2:00 pm Adrienne
Brand Names of Food Products You Have Found Safe 490 44 7-30-17  3:14 am Roy Piwovar
How You Made the MSG Connection 403 25 4-15-14  9:02 pm LisaS
MSG/Excitotoxin Related Links 196 24 11-05-15  10:50 pm Anonymous
Other Harmful Substances and Sensitivities (Aspartame, L-Cysteine, preservatives, pesticides, environmental toxins) 208 27 10-20-15  11:36 pm AdaLovelace
Recipes or Snack Ideas 312 31 3-22-14  1:25 pm Kem
Safe Foods I Have Tried 171 25 7-27-17  10:32 pm Brooke S
Share Your Symptoms 583 44 5-06-18  7:48 pm Pat
Sharing Ideas, Suggestions, and Information 1432 139 5-11-17  9:35 am Cherylin
Sharing Media Reports and Letters Related to the Issue 2766 260 2-13-17  7:16 pm Deb A.
Sharing Scientific Information 1719 141 9-17-17  8:18 pm Anonymous

Welcome to the MSG/Excitotoxin discussion board. We hope that you might be able to find the information that you seek and perhaps help someone else in the process.

Please feel free to join any of the discussion topics. If you have an additional topic in mind, please let us know. There is no registration and discussion is open to the public. You may leave a name and/or e-mail address if desired or you may just select "anonymous".

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